All Women’s Expeditions

All-Women Fundraising Expeditions

Fundraising for Jolt has taken people to some amazing places.


2011 : All Women Trek to Guyana



adobeApril 2009: Sponsored Trek to Sabah, Borneo

Borneo Trek Photo Gallery

Participants: Dorothy Dalton, Lindsay Driscoll, Olivia Hussey, Patti Price, Challis Stokes, Jackie Wilkinson

adobeMay 2007: Sponsored Walking Trek in North West Namibia (this raised over £15,000)

Participants: Denise Bolland, Georgina Bird-Liebermann, Dorothy Dalton, Veronica Colin, Lindsay Driscoll, Olivia Hussey.

adobeMarch 2005: Sponsored Trek across Nepal on elephants (this raised over £18,000)

Participants: Denise Bolland, Dorothy Dalton, Susan Day, Lindsay Driscoll, Sue Fenn, Olivia Hussey, Challis Stokes, Jackie Wilkinson.

1999: Sponsored Trek across the Andes (North West Argentina to Chile)

Participants: Louise Boden, Dorothy Dalton, Susan Day, Helen Dudley, Sue Fenn, Anne Hay, Sara Mauleverer, Claire Walford, Jackie Wilkinson.

1997: Sponsored Camel Trek across the Jordanian Desert

Participants: Dorothy Dalton, Anne Laine, Helen Littlewood, Jane Oliver, Lesley Raymond, Margaret Rudolph, Patti Schmiegelow, Maggie Smith, Claire Walford.

1995: Sponsored Cycling Marathon of Cuba

Participants: Rachel Bryans, Dorothy Dalton, Vivien Freeman, Helen Horton, Jan Ringsell, Michelle Rogers, Gillian Stewart, Sara Taylor, Claire Walford, Tessa West, Barbara Williams, India Wilson, Rosie Winston.

1993: Sponsored Canoeing Marathon along the Zambezi

Participants: Dorothy Dalton, Claire Walford, Rachel Bryans, Jane Williams, Susan Day, Vivien Freeman, Elaine Isaacs, Linda McNally, Lesley Raymond, Barbara Williams.

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