The JoLt Trust needs volunteers to help with a wide range of activities:

  •     Advisors on, and helpers with, media and PR
  •     Designer and branding expert
  •     Good organisers and administrators
  •     People with good fundraising ideas
  •     People to organise fundraising events in aid of JoLt based anywhere in the UK
  •     Good organisers and administrators with the relevant IT skills who live in or near Harrow, Middlesex
  •     People living in or near Harrow to help with fundraising events
  •     People living in or near Harrow to help with organising various events to celebrate JoLt’s 25th anniversary.


If you would like to know more, please contact Simon Gruselle using our contact form.

Vacancies for leaders are normally advertised on this website, TES (Times Educational Supplement) or the BMJ (British Medical Journal).


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