Jolt 2024 – Trip Diary

Jolt 2024 Trip Diary – check back here for regular updates from the trip.


21 JULY – DAY 1

We started our journey at Terminal 2 of Heathrow Airport at 05:30 in the morning, where spirits were already high.

After saying goodbyes to family and friends, the JoLters checked in their bags, with lots of help from Chiara and Grace, who were busy showing the airport workers how it’s done (running the trolleys back to their stations at some dangerous speeds)!
After the gruelling process of security, the JoLters were bound for Changi Airport in Singapore where they would experience a few hours’ worth of a layover before catching a connecting flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Everyone coped with the long-haul in their own way; Nathaniel and Aiden played a particularly tense game of Connect 4, Clara listened to the Singapore Airlines selection of music (namely Sade) and Jahmarley managed to sleep through the entire flight. 13 hours and two catered meals later we had arrived in Changi, Singapore.


22 JULY – DAY 2

In order to pass by the boredom of the layover, the JoLters took to creating their own games. Chiara, Ella and Grace played a game of piggy in the middle on the travellator (not to be attempted at home) and we made great use of the plastic cups, constructing a throne for the stuffed dinosaur plushie (and JoLt mascot) Orla.

Later that day, we arrived in Siem Reap in Cambodia! Our accommodation at the Twizt hotel proved effective, with cold showers and breezy air conditioning throughout; we completed a workshop after putting our bags down with Phare circus, who taught us skills such as acrobatics and co-ordination.



We were amazed by some stunning rolls onto the crash mat by Daniel and Mo and the dive by Andy over the other leaders! There was some impressive new juggling skills by Lizzie and Lily too!


Later that night, we watched the brilliant circus after securing some traditional Khmer food (and burgers) with our tokens. Though incredibly tired from nearly 24 hours worth of transport, the circus was warmly received by JoLters and their skills were very much appreciated!


Ella and Morgan
23rd July- DAY 3

We woke up at 6:00 am for a 7am breakfast at our hostel. All ready for an 8am departure to Angkor Wat. After a short coach journey, we arrived and started our tour around the temple.

The Vishnu was one of the first God’s we saw, and we discovered that many students go and ask him for help before their exams. We walked up the 37 steps to heaven, using all different methods to get everyone up the 70⁰ angle steps.

We did receive a round of applause which was lovely too. Jaqill and Jahmarley both wanted a picture with the French people at the top, but we don’t think they quite understood! After our temple visit, we headed to our first home stay of the trip where we were warmly welcomed by the community.


We set up our rooms and had our dinner. We had rice, a stir fry vegetable mix, some eggs and sweet potato fries, along with some mangosteen for pudding. After recovering from being a little unwell due to exhaustion and heat, Ria played football with the local children along with Grace and Jaqill. Jaqill, despite his best attempts to stay on two feet, ended up in the mud and nearly fell back when he lost his balance trying to get up. We then had an early night and slept at 9:30 as we had an early start the next day.





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